Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Hell Struggle Review

Hell Struggle, the second in a series by King Samuel Benson, is a YA Urban Fantasy novel set a few years in the future. A New Government is in place and Alex King finds himself having to decide whether to join the New Government's Special Force. He refuses and walks out of a meeting, accompanied by his good friend, Mercy Damalie, thus setting up the arc of the book. The story is intriguing, fast paced with a few unexpected twists along the way, as well as a bit of romance in the midst of all the action. 

Benson's writing keeps the reader engaged in the story. The plot moves along at a quick pace, neither over- or underwhelming the reader. His descriptions are minimalist enough to allow the reader to visualize the scene while also allowing the reader to add enough of the reader's own imagination to remain engaged in the story.
Alex King is the hero in this story. He refuses to be recruited into a Special Force run by a New Government he doesn't believe in. He is questioning, yet determined to see his own way. Along the way he loses the trust of his dear friend Mercy, and realizes what he must do to win it back, perhaps at great sacrifice to himself. Benson allows for Alex to question and doubt himself during the course of the story, reminding the reader heroes are also human. 

Hell Struggle is an enjoyable read; and even though it's part of a series, it can stand alone as there are just enough references to what happened in the first book to keep the reader's interest, and perhaps piquing interest in the prior one should the reader come into the series at this point.