Sunday, January 12, 2014

WIP- Dragonclaw

With Winter Recess officially over, I must confess to not getting as much writing done as I'd hoped. I did manage to enter some notes into my computer, and here offer a little preview. Whether this makes it into the final project, or a sequel..., time will only tell. Enjoy!

Graydon took one step into the clearing, laying his sword at his feet as he did so. “You are in no danger,” he said calmly.
“I don’t know that,” she replied.
“You are on your way to rescue someone close to your heart. You were attacked a few days ago and all your food was taken. You don’t know this area.”
“How do you know this? How can I trust you?”
“The Ring of Truth-here put it on.” He removed the ring, and extended his hand to her offering her the ring.  She reached for it, tentatively. Taking the ring, she fingered it, deciding whether to trust it.
“Magic is trickery,” she yelled and threw the ring at Gray’s feet.
“You shouldn’t have done that!” Thor had stepped into the clearing, his sword drawn. “If he said you were safe, you were safe. Now you have angered me!”
“I need help from no one.” And she began backing her way out of the clearing, sword still at the ready.
“Fine, but be careful of the Shimmer. I trust you know when it will appear next,” Thor said, tauntingly.
She froze.  “The Shimmer?” she said, fear in her voice. “You know?”
“Never precisely, but Graydon,” –Thor pointed in his direction- “has been studying the stars. And he’s been noticing patterns.”
“I still don’t know if I can trust you,” she said.
“Nor do I know if I can trust you,” replied Thor. “But if Graydon is willing to trust you, I will trust him.”
“This is getting us nowhere,” said Graydon, walking over and taking Thor’s hand in his own. “We will help you on your way to rescue your friend.”
“My betrothed.”
“Your betrothed?”
“Yes, she was kidnapped before we were to be wed.”