Sunday, September 16, 2012

Six Sentence Sunday, 9/16/12

Here are another six sentences, from my upcoming novel, "Out of the Past," due out next month from Seventh Window Publications.

In my earlier packing I had avoided one of the two closets in my bedroom, whether deliberately or subconsciously, I don't know. I now approached that closet with sadness, but a sadness laced with purpose. I had to do this to move forward.  I moved aside some boxes on the top shelf and retrieved a small box from the back of the closet. Trembling, I opened it. Tears began raining down my face.


  1. Now you've grabbed me, Jeff. I want to know what is in that box. I bet you won't even tell me what chapter these six sentences come from? You know, as soon as I get your book on my Kindle I'll go right to it! Hey, I hope your publisher puts your photo at the end of the story. Not many do that on the e-book formats.

    1. Nancy, Thank you and I'm glad I grabbed you! You will know what is in the box very soon. I'll suggest to my publisher that he put my photo at the end of the story. We'll see what he says. :-)