Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Marengo by Carey Parrish

Take a very diverse cast of characters -a meddling, busybody landlady but who has a heart of gold, and her tenants: a gossipy, single, middle-aged, flamboyant gentleman; two very handsome American journalists stationed in London; a seemingly too-proper male and one beautiful, single, divorced female. Mix that with the spring unveiling of a world famous jewel designer’s line, add some unexpected twists and turns and you have Marengo, by Carey Parrish. The book begins slow which gives the reader time to get to know the characters but as it progresses, like a proverbial roller-coaster, it builds, twists and turns leaving the reader wanting more. In some points it seemed a little formulaic and I anticipated many plot twists, I was surprised I discovered I was wrong and he took me in a different direction. It is a fun read and very enjoyable.

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