Sunday, August 26, 2012

Review: "Missing" by Drake Braxton

I review the debut novel, Missing, by Drake Braxton:

A foreign-born gay man goes missing in the United States. Not quite the most interesting premise for a story but, when the man is the legally married husband of a male US citizen, it becomes a bit more complicated what with same-sex marriage recognized only in a handful of states. Move the setting to rural Alabama, hardly a bastion of tolerance, either for gays or for the foreign born, and you have the premise of Missing, the debut novel of new m/m romance author, Drake Braxton.

Blain Harrington attends his high school reunion with his gorgeous Brazilian-born husband who suddenly goes missing during the reunion. Being the hopeless romantic I am, I was first attracted to the book as it was being marketed as an m/m romance. And yet, Braxton bends the rules by bringing many suspenseful moments into the story thereby creating a romantic thriller or perhaps a thrilling romance. There are plenty of plot twists to keep the reader involved in the plot and many a moment for the romantic to shed a tear with just the right amount of sex to titillate. For me, it was quite the page turner on all accounts; the suspense, the romance, the sex, the trifecta! I am anxiously waiting his next release.


  1. I really appreciate you reading and reviewing this, Jeff. You pulled out some great elements around DOMA & I'm glad that you did.

    1. It was my pleasure, Drake. People need to see what injustices same-gendered couples do suffer. I hope it helps, both with awareness and in book sales! :)