Sunday, August 5, 2012

Review: Songs for the New Depression, by Kergan Edwards-Stout

In Songs for the New Depression, Kergan Edwards-Stout takes us back to the days of the AIDS pandemic. We follow Gabriel Travers on his journey to find love and (self-) acceptance but we follow him in reverse beginning with the current third of Gabe’s life and then backwards to the first third just after coming out in high school.  This is an emotionally engaging read, often difficult at parts especially for those who have watched a loved one being ravaged by an incurable illness. It is very moving and poignant yet balanced with the right amount of humor as not to leave the reader depressed, or make light of Travers’ quest. Edwards-Stout pulls the reader in with his very real characters, scene descriptions, and keeps the reader turning page after page. A must read.

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